Security Shutters – Get the right security shutters solution and burglar proofing without the need to compromise on light control and aesthetics. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use where the powder coated aluminium are not affected by harsh weather conditions. The adjustable louvre are reinforced with hardened steel pins running through the end caps of each louvre to ensure an extremely robust yet attractive alternative to steel gates and burglar bars.


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Security Shutters Features

  • Higher safety and security
  • Different track options for bigger openings
  • Internal or External installation
  • Short lead time
  • Optional finishing lintels/architraves
  • Silent and easy to operate


Ideally for domestic shutters, you will want to choose a colour and material that will blend in with the existing property, which is why i would recommend standard metal shutters, and paint the outsides to match your current homes colour and theme. That way, your home won’t look too gloomy. The shutters can also be installed with electric mechanisms which means you can easily close the shutters at night, or when you leave the property for added peace of mind.

Protecting Your Home With Security Shutters

Protecting your home from unwanted intruders is an important issue for every household and there are many home security devices on the market including security lighting, burglar alarms and household security camera systems which all act as a deterrent to potential intruders. Security shutters installed to your windows and doors creates a highly visible deterrent and a secure barrier protecting your home but they have added other benefits to your home as well.

How do security shutters keep your home safe?

Part of owning a home is keeping it safe from unwanted intruders, whether you are home or on a vacation. Your windows are among the first things noticed both by potential buyer and thieves. They are the focal point of your home, and depending on what kind of window treatment they have, can announce to outsiders how accessible the home is. One of the most reliable methods to prevent and discourage robberies is to install security shutters.

Sometimes, the stereotype of security shutters may be a picture of ugly, squeaky shutters that are stiff and hard to maneuver. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Security shutters are made to neatly fit into their neighboring blade, providing a tight seal, and a smooth, sleek look. Exterior shutters can be attached to move on a side or top hinge, or can quietly, glide across two parallel metal tracks. You can slide exterior security shutters with the tips of your fingers into place or use a remote control.

Window and Security Shutters

Window and door shutters are extremely strong and hard-wearing even though the slats are constructed from high grade aluminium making them rust free and light in weight. Available usually in white and brown many companies can offer different colours and styles meaning that they can provide a pleasing aesthetic look to the exterior of your property when the shutters are closed. When not in use they are rolled up unobtrusively into a discreet box above the window.

These shutters can be operated either manually or electronically. For manual operation there are options of the shutters being raised and lowered by a belt, or they can be operated by a geared rod crank or they can be spring loaded with a lock in the bottom slat to secure the shutter into place when closed. Electric shutters require motors and are operated with either a switch or by remote control. All ways of opening and closing, save for the spring loaded type of shutter; allow the shutter to be either fully or partially closed thereby allowing in as much or as little light as required.

Accordion Security Shutters

One popular security shutter is exterior accordion shutters. These are designed with vertical rows of nested blades held tightly by fasteners in several places. Accordion shutters roll along two parallel tracks to the other side. You can also get a keyed locking system to use in and outside of your home. Additionally, manufacturers offer remote controls to maneuver your shutters as you stand a short distance away.

Keep the following in mind when buying security shutters

Accurate colours

Make sure the colours are not dull and they should match the theme of your property. Vibrant colours can easily catch the attention of strangers. Make sure the colours are light if security is your concern.

Measuring should be correct

While purchasing shutters, make sure you have taken the exact measurements where you are planning to have them installed. If it is for windows, make sure there is extra space for them to open and are not restricted.

Type of shutters

Examine your premises and opt for the most suitable type. Like if the place is very congested and located in the basement say garage, then use perforated roller shutters, so that there is no accumulation of gases and harmful fumes. Use punched & glazed shutters, where security yet attraction are the concerns.

Material is important

The material of any product is important, as they can tell about the durability of any product. Whether it is kitchen appliances or clothing brands, their material is what makes them productive. If security is your concern, then go for aluminium shutters and if ventilation is your concern, then go for Grilles & Portcullis Shutters.

You may also have been the victim of crime before, which might be why you are considering security shutters. They are a highly effective way of preventing intruders, but make sure you don’t isolate yourself too much. Go for a classic looking security shutter system, that doesn’t make your home look too much like a fortress! If you are feeling unsafe in your home, then domestic shutters are definitely the right thing for you!

If, you are planning to install shutter that is electrically viable, make sure that every working, wiring of the product is sound and are not faulty. Ask the suppliers to show you a demo before purchasing.

Therefore security door and window shutters work in many ways that are of benefit to your home from acting as a deterrent and defending against unwanted intruders by forming a barrier over your windows and doors and by providing extra insulation, shade and noise reduction thereby enhancing the quality of your home life.

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